Michel Bresson born on April 23rd, 1966 in Marseilles.
As a self-made man he built a strong body of inspirations boosted and flamed up by a stunning dynamic fashion world he encountered in the 80’s in Marseilles.
He pursued his artistic grail through a lively partnership with active Marseilles fashion world figures such as Daniel Granier, Geneviève Delrieux, Linda Carle or even Tous des K graphist and webdesigner Agency and then created outstanding adornments, refined trinkets, items and settings. Subsequently his everlasting passionate thrill would never go away....
He spent his childhood in a small seaport. Being from a fisherman family he genuinely grew an interest for traditional materials and used up substances weathered by the light touch of hand and time…He primarily created treasure chests made up with drift woods as well as reminiscent early days legends.

Studying contemporary jewellery, he met different art actors : artists, historians, and directors that allowed him to become aware of the exciting and endless possibilities for how all art specificities interact in a sharper sense of perceptible creativity.
Fuelled by a self demanding artistic vision he opened himself in order to entwine the subtle and elusive materials fashion frills are created from with sturdy and highly wrought substances that ornamental objects are made of : bags eventually would come to life with an architectural if any emotional feelings and textures. Those bags as here-to-there home-nurturing-homes carrying within themselves  their own nomadic yet fulfilling impulse.
From the faraway to the closed by traditional country world artefacts, Michel Bresson is enthused with complex inter-threaded inspirations. Rare materials and highest quality craftsmanship give to his design a unique classiness. He mixes natural materials with synthetic ones and then creates wood, metal or plastic hand-bags and luggage collections. Minimal otherwise baroque even futuristic impedimenta. ..
He launched jewellery, handbags, home furnishings with an undisputable professionalism and in consequence has been supported since the early 90’s by the Institut Mode Méditerrannée created by Maryline Beulieud-Vigouroux in Marseilles.
He introduced a collection of contemporary accessories at the Première Classe Salon in Paris.
One of his wood hand-bag is showed for sale in the “3 Suisses” Fashion Catalogue.
His work has been distinguished by some international fashion brands : He designed a prototyped bag for Yves Saint Laurent House
His crafted hand-bags came on the scene for Jean Charles de Castelbajac Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture fashion shows.
He’s the first French designer to be exhibited in the Parisian Gallery-Shop of Spanish multi-trend fashion stylist Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Those years in fashion world were a tremendous laboratory for rich and constructive experimentations. As a matter of fact he legitimately achieves an only one of its kind body of work. Michel Bresson is conceiving and realizing artistic creations as single art-pieces or on limited editions.
His matchless show-pieces express themselves on a high personal level.
Unique objects for unique people, valorising echo rather than ego.He likes to play with light and shades in a dimness atmosphere. Infused with a Japanese esthetical art concept that strongly inspired him, Michel Bresson is expecting lamps, chests, trunks, home-furnishing and home-decors he creates should be : Still but not emotionless. - Stylish without ostentation - Not superficial - Straightforward- Sober and plain but interesting - Original if any familiar - Steady - Native - Opposed to the versatility of ephemeral fashions.
Materials and substances of poetry in the useful, time and  remembrances of dreamed travels…Michel Bresson can be credited with a consistent refined and modern elegance. As a truly committed designer, his philosophy is to provide his patrons with a skilled sophistication as well as a significant bold style.






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